Scuba Diving the Galapagos Islands: 30th June – 7th July, 2019


Scuba Dive the legendary Galapagos islands, with DIVEIndia Outbound


The Galapagos islands of Ecuador need no introduction for those who have even the slightest curiosity in the natural world. Discovered by Spanish sailors in the 1500’s, these fabled islands became Ecuadorean territory in 1832, just 3 years before Charles Darwin set foot on them. The rest as they say is history. In modern times, the Galapagos islands are on the bucket list of anyone who dreams of seeing gigantic land tortoises, blue footed boobies, the finches that Darwin made famous, iguanas that swim into churning waters to feast on the rich algae that grows below the surface.
Divers return with stories of schooling hammerheads, sea lions that swim right by your nose as if you were a play thing, patrolling Galapagos sharks, silky sharks, lazy white tips, dive bombing penguins, whale sharks that chase the cold waters of the Humboldt current. Schools of fish so large they block out the light from above. Squadrons of rays that glide effortlessly in the currents.


30th June – 7th July, 2019


8 days and 7 nights.

Required certification level :

SSI Advanced Adventurer \ PADI Advanced Open Water diver with Nitrox certification. Due to the challenging nature of some of the dive sites, a minimum of 50 dives experience is mandatory. For the following reasons, we will not be able to conduct any courses during this trip unfortunately.


This package approximately 18 (18) dives over 5 and a half diving days. Our total cruise duration is 7 days.


It’s location at the Equator and the confluence of three great oceanic currents, the cold South Equatorial current, the warm Panama current and the cold, deep Cromwell current, makes the Galapagos a magnet for wide range of creatures and a must see destination for every diver. It goes without saying that this trip promises to be a once in a lifetime experience.