Scuba Dive Egypt: September 22 – 29, 2016


Scuba Dive Egypt with DIVEIndia Outbound

A hugely sought after destination amongst the myriad choices that Egypt offers, these three islands offer crazy currents, drift dives, expansive reefscapes, huge drop offs and overhangs and some of the best visibility you can get. Throw in the chance to see enigmatic big animals like white tips, grey reefs, and if lucky thresher sharks and hammerheads and there is a very good reason why this route is so highly thought of.


22 – 29 September, 2016


8 days and 7 nights.

Suitable for

Advanced Open Water \ Advanced Adventurer with 30 dives.
For all other experience levels, please email us



The Red Sea, and about time too! For our maiden trip to these waters we have decided to repeat our Maldives shenanigans and have gone the liveaboard route, specifically the pretty biblically named islands of Brothers, Daedulus and Elphinstone.